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Symphonic Heavy Metal Band List

Find a complete list of symphonic heavy metal bands. Some of the bands may only have one album or a series of songs that fit that genre.

Adagio Watch Adagio Videos
Aesma Daeva Watch Aesma Daeva Videos
After Forever Watch After Forever Videos
Agathodaimon Watch Agathodaimon Videos
Almora Watch Almora Videos
Amberian Dawn Watch Amberian Dawn Videos
Angelzoom Watch Angelzoom Videos
Angra Watch Angra Videos
Angtoria Watch Angtoria Videos
Anorexia Nervosa Watch Anorexia Nervosa Videos
Antestor Watch Antestor Videos
Apocalyptica Watch Apocalyptica Videos
Aquaria Watch Aquaria Videos
Arcturus Watch Arcturus Videos
Arthemesia Watch Arthemesia Videos
Atargatis Watch Atargatis Videos
Autumn Watch Autumn Videos
Avantasia Watch Avantasia Videos
Ayreon Watch Ayreon Videos
Bal-Sagoth Watch Bal-Sagoth Videos
Battlelore Watch Battlelore Videos
Beto Vázquez Infinity Watch Beto Vázquez Infinity Videos
Blind Guardian Watch Blind Guardian Videos
Carpathian Forest Watch Carpathian Forest Videos
Catharsis Watch Catharsis Videos
Celtic Frost Watch Celtic Frost Videos
Chthonic Watch Chthonic Videos
Cradle of Filth Watch Cradle of Filth Videos
Dark Lunacy Watch Dark Lunacy Videos
Dark Moor Watch Dark Moor Videos
Darkane Watch Darkane Videos
Darkwoods My Betrothed Watch Darkwoods My Betrothed Videos
Delain Watch Delain Videos
Derdian Watch Derdian Videos
Diablo Swing Orchestra Watch Diablo Swing Orchestra Videos
Diabolical Masquerade Watch Diabolical Masquerade Videos
Dimmu Borgir Watch Dimmu Borgir Videos
Divinefire Watch Divinefire Videos
Dol Ammad Watch Dol Ammad Videos
Dornenreich Watch Dornenreich Videos
Dragonland Watch Dragonland Videos
DragonLord Watch DragonLord Videos
Dreams of Sanity Watch Dreams of Sanity Videos
Edenbridge Watch Edenbridge Videos
Emperor Watch Emperor Videos
Empyrium Watch Empyrium Videos
Enslavement of Beauty Watch Enslavement of Beauty Videos
Epica Watch Epica Videos
Equilibrium Watch Equilibrium Videos
Eternal Tears of Sorrow Watch Eternal Tears of Sorrow Videos
Fairyland Watch Fairyland Videos
For My Pain... Watch For My Pain... Videos
Freedom Call Watch Freedom Call Videos
Gavleture Methodica Watch Gavleture Methodica Videos
Graveworm Watch Graveworm Videos
Haggard Watch Haggard Videos
HB Watch HB Videos
Hecate Enthroned Watch Hecate Enthroned Videos
Herjalf Watch Herjalf Videos
Hevein Watch Hevein Videos
Hollenthon Watch Hollenthon Videos
HolyHell Watch HolyHell Videos
Imperanon Watch Imperanon Videos
Imperia Watch Imperia Videos
Kamelot Watch Kamelot Videos
Krypteria Watch Krypteria Videos
Lacrimosa Watch Lacrimosa Videos
Leaves' Eyes Watch Leaves' Eyes Videos
Limbonic Art Watch Limbonic Art Videos
Luca Turilli Watch Luca Turilli Videos
Luca Turilli's Dreamquest Watch Luca Turilli's Dreamquest Videos
Lunatica Watch Lunatica Videos
Lux Occulta Watch Lux Occulta Videos
Manowar Watch Manowar Videos
Matenrou Opera Watch Matenrou Opera Videos
Mechanical Poet Watch Mechanical Poet Videos
Metallica Watch Metallica Videos
Meza Virs Watch Meza Virs Videos
Midnattsol Watch Midnattsol Videos
Moi dix Mois Watch Moi dix Mois Videos
Morgul Watch Morgul Videos
Necromantia Watch Necromantia Videos
Nightfall Watch Nightfall Videos
Nightwish Watch Nightwish Videos
Northern Kings Watch Northern Kings Videos
Opera IX Watch Opera IX Videos
Pain of Salvation Watch Pain of Salvation Videos
Penumbra Watch Penumbra Videos
Rage Watch Rage Videos
Rain Fell Within Watch Rain Fell Within Videos
Rhapsody of Fire Watch Rhapsody of Fire Videos
Ride the Sky Watch Ride the Sky Videos
Rotting Christ Watch Rotting Christ Videos
Savatage Watch Savatage Videos
Saviour Machine Watch Saviour Machine Videos
Secret Sphere Watch Secret Sphere Videos
Septic Flesh Watch Septic Flesh Videos
Seraphim Watch Seraphim Videos
Serenity Watch Serenity Videos
Sirenia Watch Sirenia Videos
Skyfire Watch Skyfire Videos
Sonata Arctica Watch Sonata Arctica Videos
Star One Watch Star One Videos
Stratovarius Watch Stratovarius Videos
Stream of Passion Watch Stream of Passion Videos
Summoning Watch Summoning Videos
Susperia Watch Susperia Videos
Symphony X Watch Symphony X Videos
Tacere Watch Tacere Videos
Tarja Watch Tarja Videos
The Black Mages Watch The Black Mages Videos
The Gathering Watch The Gathering Videos
The Sins of Thy Beloved Watch The Sins of Thy Beloved Videos
Theatre of Tragedy Watch Theatre of Tragedy Videos
Theatres des Vampires Watch Theatres des Vampires Videos
Therion Watch Therion Videos
Thy Majestie Watch Thy Majestie Videos
Thy Serpent Watch Thy Serpent Videos
Trail of Tears Watch Trail of Tears Videos
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Watch Trans-Siberian Orchestra Videos
Tristania Watch Tristania Videos
Tvangeste Watch Tvangeste Videos
Versailles Watch Versailles Videos
Vesania Watch Vesania Videos
Vesperian Sorrow Watch Vesperian Sorrow Videos
Virgin Black Watch Virgin Black Videos
Visions of Atlantis Watch Visions of Atlantis Videos
Waltari Watch Waltari Videos
Winds of Plagu Watch Winds of Plagu Videos
Wintersun Watch Wintersun Videos
Within Temptation Watch Within Temptation Videos
X Japan Watch X Japan Videos
Xandria Watch Xandria Videos

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