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Folk Heavy Metal Band List

Find a complete list of folk heavy metal bands. Some of the bands may only have one album or a series of songs that fit that genre.

Adorned Brood Watch Adorned Brood Videos
Aes Dana Watch Aes Dana Videos
Agalloch Watch Agalloch Videos
Alestorm Watch Alestorm Videos
Alkonost Watch Alkonost Videos
Amon Amarth Watch Amon Amarth Videos
Amorphis Watch Amorphis Videos
Arafel Watch Arafel Videos
Arkona Watch Arkona Videos
Asmegin Ásmegin Watch Asmegin Ásmegin Videos
Balkandji Watch Balkandji Videos
Bilocate Watch Bilocate Videos
Borknagar Watch Borknagar Videos
Butterfly Temple Watch Butterfly Temple Videos
Cadacross Watch Cadacross Videos
Cruachan Watch Cruachan Videos
Dalriada Watch Dalriada Videos
Distorted Watch Distorted Videos
Eluveitie Watch Eluveitie Videos
Elvenking Watch Elvenking Videos
Empyrium Watch Empyrium Videos
Ensiferum Watch Ensiferum Videos
Equilibrium Watch Equilibrium Videos
Falconer Watch Falconer Videos
Falkenbach Watch Falkenbach Videos
Finntroll Watch Finntroll Videos
Folkearth Watch Folkearth Videos
Glittertind Watch Glittertind Videos
Heidevolk Watch Heidevolk Videos
Holy Blood Watch Holy Blood Videos
In Extremo Watch In Extremo Videos
Kalmah Watch Kalmah Videos
Kampfar Watch Kampfar Videos
Kivimetsän Druidi Watch Kivimetsän Druidi Videos
Korpiklaani Watch Korpiklaani Videos
Letzte Instanz Watch Letzte Instanz Videos
Lumsk Watch Lumsk Videos
Mael Mordha Watch Mael Mordha Videos
Mago de Oz Mägo de Oz Watch Mago de Oz Mägo de Oz Videos
Manegarm Månegarm Watch Manegarm Månegarm Videos
Melechesh Watch Melechesh Videos
Metsatöll Watch Metsatöll Videos
Midnattsol Watch Midnattsol Videos
Mithotyn Watch Mithotyn Videos
Moonsorrow Watch Moonsorrow Videos
Moonspell Watch Moonspell Videos
Morgenstern Watch Morgenstern Videos
Nachtfalke Watch Nachtfalke Videos
Negur? Bunget Watch Negur? Bunget Videos
Nokturnal Mortum Watch Nokturnal Mortum Videos
Obtest Watch Obtest Videos
Orphaned Land Watch Orphaned Land Videos
Otyg Watch Otyg Videos
Pero Defformero Watch Pero Defformero Videos
Primordial Watch Primordial Videos
Raud-Ants Watch Raud-Ants Videos
Salem Watch Salem Videos
Saltatio Mortis Watch Saltatio Mortis Videos
Schandmaul Watch Schandmaul Videos
Schattentantz Watch Schattentantz Videos
Silent Stream of Godless Elegy Watch Silent Stream of Godless Elegy Videos
Skyclad Watch Skyclad Videos
Skyforger Watch Skyforger Videos
Slechtvalk Watch Slechtvalk Videos
Spellblast Watch Spellblast Videos
Stille Volk Watch Stille Volk Videos
Storm Watch Storm Videos
Subway to Sally Watch Subway to Sally Videos
Suidakra Watch Suidakra Videos
Summoning Watch Summoning Videos
Svartsot Watch Svartsot Videos
Tanzwut Watch Tanzwut Videos
Temnozor Watch Temnozor Videos
The Lord Weird Slough Feg Watch The Lord Weird Slough Feg Videos
Thyrfing Watch Thyrfing Videos
Trollfest Watch Trollfest Videos
Tuatha de Danann Watch Tuatha de Danann Videos
Tumulus Watch Tumulus Videos
Turisas Watch Turisas Videos
Týr Watch Týr Videos
Ulytau Watch Ulytau Videos
Vintersorg Watch Vintersorg Videos
Waylander Watch Waylander Videos
Windir Watch Windir Videos
Wintersun Watch Wintersun Videos
Wolfchant Watch Wolfchant Videos
Wuthering Heights Watch Wuthering Heights Videos
Zalvarinis Žalvarinis Watch Zalvarinis Žalvarinis Videos

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